Jumping fish!!

telapiaOur love for fish is universal. Bengali cuisine is obviously about fish. It is about investing deep thought and taking immense pains to eat well – and equally importantly – feed well. At a local market place in Kolkata suburbs I and my dad had gone to purchase fish. A jolly fisherman with two big tumbles had purchasers crowd around him as usual. He is a simple and jolly guy and I guess he makes the best sell of all the others. That day was also no different.

He had live tilapia(a smaller variety of fish similar to American koi).  As he was weighing, none of the fishes would stay and were jumping off. So he caught one by one, thrashed on the ground before weighing. An elderly woman from the crowd cried out, “What the hell are you doing to these poor creatures?” pat came his reply,” Why aren’t they still when I’m weighing?”

Another gentle man unable to control himself, spilled out, “Are they for your aquarium?” Her expression changed instantly & tried to suppress her giggling, but ended up bursting into a loud laughter!


Kitchen King

No! You got it absolutely wrong! It’s not the masala ad that you often come across on Television! The masala is without doubt a great taste maker that churn out all your curries yummy. Well, talking about a king for your kitchen is something one would likely scratch his/her head with wonder. Morning starts with a lot of hulla bulla on the menu and the chopping board is right on the table with all the vegetables lined up for the day’s cook.

Let me not keep you guessing on who the king is. He is none other than my great father-in-law! Morning breaks and he captures the kitchen. His passion for cooking is so much visible when we have guests at home. Besides, it’s always party time for us every day. He is around 77 years old and till now, he would brave all odds to cook some of the finger licking dishes. Now, if you have a daughter-in-law who equally loves to cook, it is certainly a big fight. He never ever likes someone tell him, the food is not that interesting or something is missing in the taste. No criticism! Oh! But my mother-in-law dares! He tries every complicated dishes and love experimenting. Most of our guests eagerly wait for an invitation. They know that they are expecting a variety of different cuisines every time.

He is very particular with the shape, size of the vegetables or any non-veg. items when cut. The color, texture and the aroma is also very important once the cooking is done. Finally, it is the presentation on the table!

Bengali delight!

Nothing seems complete without the finger licking and mouth smacking cuisines that Adorshho Hindu Hotel provides. It is a place of complete contrast to the elegant ambience that many city restaurants provide these days.  From Gol Park if you walk towards Gariahat, keeping yourself on the right, you come across an unusually big lane just before the four point crossing. An old iron stairs greet you with two young guys calling out the menu for the day. They signal you to visit their restaurant as if they are going to feed you for free. So, this is how, they try to woo customers.

Gariahat is still a craze for most shoppers from the cheap trendy dresses to household materials. You get anything for a bargain. Most housewives love to frequent during the less rush hours between 12.00 noon to 4.30 p.m. And Adorshho Hindu Hotel is a great stop over who exclusively look for traditional food. The iron stairway is of course not the entrance to this restaurant. But, who cares even if you are taken through their kitchen doorway. As you enter you can see three or four very large caldron rice boiling, steaming fish, mutton curry, lentils etc on either side of the entry. This was my observation during some of my visits. The sight itself churns up if you have a rumbling stomach. And the aroma is just ahaha! For a moment you feel to order every possible item on the menu.

Once you are lead to the large room, you get a dhaba feeling. The owner who sits at the corner , call by a name and a boy come running with glasses of water and a note pad to take order. It’s a feeling of a classroom where you see long table and benches lined up. You’ve the half plates, full plates and quarter plates, which ever suits your pocket.

For all those who wish to drop by after shopping, this will be a perfect destination, leaving behind great expectations for ambiance. You will definitely not leave a morsel on your plate when you are done! Food ranges from vegetarian to non vegetarian and it comes to around Rs. 75/- to start with per head. Unimaginably cheap!

Mouth Slurping experience!

As you enter through the glass door, the mild whiff of kebab spices greet you for your palate’s delight. The ambiance, the food loving guests, the charcoal grill tables and the charm of the buffet laid out is something one should certainly experience.

Kebab is fun food and they are the exclusive flavors of Flame & Grill –  food Joint. Just drop by at South city Mall –for a gastronomic experience at Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata, India. It is an incredible shopper’s hub, where most shop & dine. Reach the food court on the top floor. It is just beside Mainland China.

One must come to experience the subtly stylized mystic beauty. The elegant wooden warmth forms a classic backdrop.  It has become a ritual stopover by most locals for the mouth watering array of kebabs.

This is perhaps my third visit and my first experience was not so good, as extra dose of kebabs put me off the main course. Savoring too much of kebabs, the main course will definitely overtax your tummy.

If it is just kebabs then you’ve chosen the right destination winding up with some chilled sweet lime & some deserts from the buffet! A place you would love to come back again and again!